"In Times like These" is a most appropriate title for this beautiful new CD by Ruth Hanna. If you are familiar with Ruth's voice, you will in no doubt have been touched by the clarity of the words she sings.On this CD, Ruth uses her God given talent to bring a powerful message in song.I strongly recommend this CD as a message of hope to a dying world.

Teus Kappers,
Chaplain of Lighthouse Harbour Ministries


Ruth Hanna has taken a very sincere approach in choosing material and direction for each of her CD'S that I have heard. Gifted with a lot of natural ability as a vocalist, she adds a fresh and creative style to each of the songs on her newest CD, "In times like these, we need a savior."

All the best Ruth.

Roy Mettlewsky
Singer, songwriter, guitarist.


I met Ruth at an event where she sang three songs. Being very impressed with the clarity of her voice and with conviction with which she sings, I purchased her cassette tape and later her CD. I am aware of the fact that it is faith and conviction in her that is the driving force that produces such beautiful music.
Having the privilege of getting to know her a little more, it became evident that it is for her Savior that she puts her utmost into using her wonderful gift of music.

Steve Sawatsky
Prison Ministries